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In10sive Mastercamp is the biggest urban dance workshops
event in northern Greece and, since 2017 it
has started building its legacy & its quality services supply for dancers of every ethnicity and level to be able to participate and upgrade their performance level. Our priority is to provide A' list choreographer classes in the best possible facilities and conditions.

The ProDancers Studio was founded in August 2012 by Claire Karapidaki in Thessaloniki, and it’s the first dance studio in Greece to have introduced drop in classes to the greek audience.

The Studio, in its first 5 years of being open, has organized & hosted over 50 workshops with international choreographers. It hosts more that 25 different dance styles , it’s offering teachers training programmes and practice internship opportunities. Meanwhile, ProDancers has classes for people of all ages and levels, and a large style variety of competitive crews that participate in contests and festivals in Greece & abroad. It also is home to a lot of nationally well known dance teams and teachers, whose video projects are amongst the most cutting edge artistic creations in the country, while at the same time the studio has close friendships with other greek studios & dancers, and often hosts their workshops/seminars to its premises.

Its student dance shows twice a year and its famous musicals dancing adaptations are always sold out in a few days time and since September 2017, The ProDancers Studio opened in a second address as well, as The ProDancers School, focusing as well in smaller ages ( 4 – 17)

The In10sive Mastercamp is a vision the studio had for a while and that was finally brought to life in January 2017, aiming to be the winter dancing opportunity for dancers of all ages & countries to improve their level and skills, while offering high quality services and excellent dancing classes by internationally known choreographers.