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Useful Information

Useful Information

Thessaloniki offers a very useful transportation system. Access
to the city center is easy and fast
even from the most distant spots in it.

The way to and from the airport is served by bus line 78 all day long and by bus line 78N after 23.30 at night. There’s a bus every 25 minutes in the day and every half an hour in the night. You can find all bus routes in the website ΟΑΣΘ (http://oasth.gr/) also by downloading the local bus service application ΟΑΣΘ (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=oasth.mobile.transport&hl=el) in your smartphone.

Most buses that drive through the city center stop at the Intercity-International Bus Station (KTEL) and the International Railway Station (OSE).

One way tickets cost 1euro, 2 ways tickets (within 70minutes) cost 1,20euros, 3 ways tickets (within 90minutes) cost 1,50euros and 4ways tickets (within 120minutes) cost 2euros.

You can buy tickets almost in all street kiosks and small markets, or from OASTH spots in Aristotelous Square, Eleftherias Square, and in the Galerius Arch.

You can also buy tickets aboard buses, with a little extra fee, but the automatic machines don’t return change.

Finally, hoping on the sightseeing line 50 and paying 2euros for it, you can travel aroud all city’s famous sights and feel the magic of the Old Town. In a lot of spots around town there are also special tourist signs showing the walking distance to  various destinations.